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 Questions before purchase

Questions about the purchase, the package and the items before buying the service

 Contact Management

Send feedback, suggestions, report abuse ...

 Financial sector

Invoices, product maturities, prices and more.


Questions about buying and selling currency


Registration and renewal and transfer of domain

 Web Hosting

Types of hosts, Types of Resellers, Master and Alpha Resellers

 VPS Hosting

Virtual servers offered by different countries

 Dedicated server

Technical support for all dedicated server types provided

 Send bulk email

Problems and questions send bulk email

 SMS Panel (SMS)

Questions and problems related to SMS

 Cup Host Payment System (Pay Cup)

Problems and Questions related to the Payment Portal


To confirm some of the features of the hosts it is necessary to send a picture of the card or national card and the card to buy it and a picture of a bill of water or telephone or gas