Extra Service

Design And Programming

  • No additional hidden costs

  • Easy User Interface

  • High speed and precision

  • Professional Support 24 Hours

  • Accurate and complete advice

  • Use robust and sustainable infrastructure

  • Free support for the first 6 months

Attention !!The cost you see here is not the final one, but an initial fee that will be contacted by our experts after payment.

Server configuration

The host has the ability to initialize the server, including installing the operating system, installing and configuring required services (such as server email, DNS server, web server, control panel and FTp ...).
You can configure it and configure it to your home-grower if you have directly provided a dedicated server or virtual server with a data center or other company.

Send bulk email

  • Return on investment in an e-mail marketing is, on average, between 4 to 10 times, and sometimes more (depending on the subject) than other digital marketing methods.

  • Her email marketing is very good, compared to other digital marketing methods. For example, every 4th email marketing mail is shipping a short message.

  • Possibility to insert personal user statistics such as Google Shortcuts or Google Analytics. Google Analytics

SEO services

Considering that more than 85% of the inputs of websites are viewed through search engines, there is no doubt that one of the most important ways to increase site visitation, SEO and website optimization. This topic matters much more to know that the mainstream visitors are targeted by search engines and are looking for your products and services.

Note !!! The first keyword is free, but if you have a keyword you do not need to increase the keyword, but if you want more than one keyword, its number should be specified.

Whmcs Services

Whmcs or WHMCompleteSolution stands for "Web Hosting Management Complete Solution", which means "a solution to complete web hosting management."
In fact, there is a very advanced and accurate accounting system along with the modules needed to set up a powerful hosting system, including the features of this system for users and managers. It can include user membership and management capabilities, support and tagging system, system Advanced accounting, online payment, connectivity to various control panels of the website, such as Cpanel, DirectAdmin, domain registration and renewal, multilingual support, advanced reporting system, and more.