Who is Cuphost?

    Cops is a web hosting and web hosting company, a virtual server provider, a security certifier, a web site licensor, a design and SEO service provider, and a complex set up system for projects. With a lot of hosting services, you will be introduced in the future

    آمار کاپ هاست
    500 مشتری راضی
    3000 خدمات ارائه شده
    50 نماینده
    300 دامنه

    Our Services

    Web hosting
    virtual server
    Professional web hosting

    The host is proud to provide users with superb speed and security servers to make sure everything is comfortable.

    • WorldStream DDos Shield
    • Powerful hardware
    • Powerful cache systems
    • Allocation of more server resources to any account
    • Server Stability of 99.9%
    • Connect new domain with request
    • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Backup
    • Ability to manually manually fix php version
    • Hard drive ssd NVME
    • Support_for_nodeJs_and_GitHub
    • The server of the Netherlands and Iran
    • Free SSL
    • Free IR domain
    • The rest of the possibilities are unlimited
    • 24/7 Hour Support

    Linux Professional Hosting

    Starting from 10,000 Toman

    • With the ability to launch api, general robots and heavy sites
    • It has 4 GB of RAM per host
    • Cpanel control panel

    Other Plans Of Iran Other Plans Of Netherlands

    Windows Professional Hosting

    Starting from 20,000 Toman

    • With the ability to launch the robot
    • Plesk control panel
    • ASP.NET

    Other Plans
    Features of the CupHost
    99% uptime

    CupHost is proud to announce that with its strong technical team, up to today, Optoeum has delivered up to 99.9 percent for its customers. Optimists have also increased their capability to 100% by activating cloud interfaces for their clients. And this is the distinctive quality of the cops.

    Convenient user panel

    A hosting company has provided you with a simple, comprehensive concept to manage the products or services that you buy.

    Email marketing

    Direct marketing is done by email (email). In this marketing, you can introduce the goods or services to the audience via email. This is done by sending a message to one or more contacts with a view to establishing a business relationship or raising funds. Researchers estimate that in 2006, US companies spent $ 400 million on e-mail marketing.

    Install Free Scripts

    One of the strategies for hosting is providing the best possible service to people with little experience in the field of hosting, and therefore specialist hosts services with full technical support eliminates any concern for people with little experience. One of these is the installation of site scripts that are provided by the technical team for free.

    7/24 support

    Specialists and casino operators are ready to serve and support customers at any time of the day. Experienced experts know that when they encounter any problems for users, they will not hesitate and will quickly seek to resolve it.

    We promise you!
    Proper Loading Speed
    Experience the speed of loading and high server stability
    Guarantee of return of the money
    Dear customers, you can ask for 7 days from the time of purchase if you are not satisfied.
    24-hour support
    Answering questions and solving your problems is provided 24 hours a day in a short and regular intervals.
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